How To Adjust Ejuice Recipe Calculator

How do I use my e juice calculator?

How to use the eliquid calculator Enter the desired final volume in the first box (default 10ml) Enter the desired nicotine strength (default 3mg) Enter the desired percentage of VG (default 70%) Enter the desired percentage of VG (default 70%, the PG% will be dictated by the VG%).

How do you calculate vape?

Really, the most useful formulas for vapers, are the three that calculate current (I = V ÷ R) power (P = V x I) and resistance (R = V ÷ I). These will allow you to figure out the current your coil will draw and the wattage that will result. As you increase resistance, current and power will drop off.

What is the best e juice calculator? (Web Based) – FREE. ELR is the most popular mixing calculator and showcasing site out there. EJuiceMeUp (PC) – FREE. Ejuicemeup has been my go-to calculator for quite sometime. Juice Grinder (PC) – FREE / $15. This is a calculator that is brand new to me.

How do you make 50mg e-liquid?

This American would take into account whether the nic was in PG or VG, as they would want to make a liquid with around a 50/50 split between the two. 50ml of 100mg nic salt base in VG. That would make a 50/50 PG/VG liquid of 50mg strength.

How do you make 12mg vape liquid?

To make a 30ml bottle of 12mg E-Liquid – 20ml of an 18mg Nic Shot is required (two bottles).

How much 18mg nicotine makes 3mg 100ml?

100ml short fill – add two 10ml 18mg nic shots to take it up to 3mg.

What wattage should I vape at 0.08 ohm?

These devices burn at higher temperatures and are intended for use with high VG liquids, producing thicker clouds and releasing more flavour from the e-liquid. A typical wattage range for 0.8-ohm devices is 20 W – 35 W (or sometimes 40 watts – 50 watts).

What wattage should I vape at 0.6 ohm?

In contrast, the 0.6ohm coils have a recommended wattage of 12-25 watts. They are therefore classed as restricted direct to lung (RDL) coils, offering less clouds but conserving your battery and e juice.

What wattage should I vape at 0.14 ohm?

Wattage range 60-80W.

How do you make 6mg vape juice?

To make a 6mg e-liquid, mix 1 part nicotine to 2 parts flavoured base (your PG, VG and flavour concentrates). That means you divide the volume of the nicotine-free base liquid by 2, then add that much of the 18mg nicotine liquid. You add 2 nic shots to every 40ml of nicotine-free e-liquid.

How much nicotine do I add to 50ml to make 6mg?

If your Nicotine Booster is in an 18mg nicotine strength, adding one to a 50ml Short Fill bottle will make 60ml of 3mg nicotine strength e-liquid. In the same way, adding two Nic Shots will make 70ml of 6mg eliquid.

How much flavor should I add to vape juice?

We recommend mixing the flavour between 15% – 20% (with 20% being the most preferred) and all our flavour concentrates are 100% PG based.

How much juice does a 30mL concentrate make?

Most of our one-shots are designed to be mixed at 20-25% which means that with 30ml you’ll be able to produce 120-150ml of juice.

How do I make my own NIC salts?

Using the measurements on the syringe fill syringe to 7.5mL of 100mg nicotine salts and add it to your empty 30mL bottle. Step 3: Grab your Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin and a clean 10mL syringe. Add 6mL of Propylene glycol to the bottle and then add 10.5mL of Vegetable Glycerin to the bottle.

How many cigarettes is equivalent to 10ml e-liquid?

An average rule of thumb is to compare 1ml of e-liquid to a pack of 10 cigarettes. With the legal e-liquid tank limit set at 2ml, a full tank of e-liquid is going to be roughly 20 cigarettes, which means that buying a 10ml bottle of e-liquid will last the same as a staggering 100 cigarettes would cost.

How do you make a 12mg Shortfill?

Shortfills are really more for DL liquid where you add say 18mg nicotine to make 60ml of 3mg liquid. There are some companies that do shorty shortfills such as Manabush (only some of their range) where you add 2 nic shots to 10ml of liquid giving you 30ml of 12mg liquid.

How much does 18mg of nicotine add?

Number of nic shots to add to a 50ml shortfill: Desired Nic Strength Nic Shot Strength How many 10ml nic shots to add? 3mg 18mg 1 shot 3mg 20mg 0.88 shots 6mg 18mg 2.5 shots 6mg 20mg 2.14 shots.

How much nicotine do I add to 50ml to make 18mg?

50ml shortfill: Add 1/2 of an 18mg nicotine shot.

Is 18mg nicotine a lot?

18mg nicotine through to 20mg nicotine – This is a high nicotine level for people who are getting through a serious number of cigarettes, by this we mean over a pack a day.

What percent is 6mg of nicotine?

Converting from a nicotine strength in mg/mL to a percentage is really easy. Just divide the amount in mg/mL by 10. So, if you have a 6 mg/mL e-juice, this is equal to a 0.6% e-juice. A 25 mg/mL e-juice is 2.5%.

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