How To Add Recipe Ss13

How do you make food in ss13?

When making food you should have a monkey in your freezer. Grab that monkey and kill it, then put it on a spike. Then double click the spike and grab the meat, then put it in a microwave.

How do I use Meatspike ss13?

Monkey meat and you Very quickly, click on it with Grab intent, and click on the meat spike to impale it onto there.

How do you mix chemicals in ss13?

Click-drag its sprite into another beaker or similar (neither have to be in your hand) to transfer as many reagents as possible into the receiving beaker. Click on a person or mob with the beaker in your active hand to pour its contents onto them, applying the chems’ TOUCH effects.

How do you chef ss13?

Cooking is mostly done by putting ingredients on a table and see what you can cook with it through crafting (click the crafting button in the bottom-middle-right of the screen). Certain types of dishes also allows you to make custom food (pies, cakes, ) by directly adding ingredients on the dish.

How do people sit in the space station 13?

Drag their sprite onto the chair sprite. This will buckle them in. You can unbuckle them by clicking on the chair, or they can do so themselves. You can also buckle yourself into a chair by clicking on yourself while standing over a chair on any intent besides Grab.

How do you make a neurotoxin ss13?

Neurotoxin Add 10u Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, Cognac, Lime Juice. Add 50u Morphine (found in Nanomed Plus).

How do toxins become ss13?

Head to the Tank Storage Unit, grab a Plasma Tank and an Oxygen Tank, and load them into one of the white Portable Scrubbers and empty your tanks completely of Plasma and Oxygen, respectively. Put the empty blue tank in the Tritium Pump, set the target pressure to 850 kPa, set direction to In and turn on the pump.

How do you make a bomb in ss13?

The Easy Part Take a tank transfer valve off the table. Attach the plasma tank to the valve. Next attach the oxygen tank. Congrats, you made a bomb.

How do I stop pulling in ss13?

These hotkeys are meant to be used both in hotkey-mod and regular mode, so remember these and use them often! General Hotkeys End or Control + W Toggles Throwing Mode Delete Stop Pulling F12 Toggles the HUD Tab Enables Hotkey-mode.

How do you pick someone up in ss13?

Grab is the leftmost option on the Intent toolbar. It can be selected by double clicking. When you grab somebody, you will start by pulling them after you. Click on them again to grab them aggressively, again to put your hands round their neck, and again to start strangling them to death.

How do you drop your backpack in ss13?

To quickly dump out objects inside Containers hold it in your hand and then drag and drop it onto a table or floor tile.

How do you talk in ss13?

How do I talk? To speak to fellow players, type Say, press spacebar, and write your message. Press Enter. To speak on your headset, type Say, press spacebar, type a ;, then write your message.

How do you whisper in ss13?

Type Say”*help” whilst in-game for a full list. Whisper: Speak quietly, only audible to those right next to you.

How do you use items in ss13?

To put things on/take things off of someone, drag and drop their character onto yourself. (To put things on them, you’ll need to have the item in your selected hand.) You can open a container without holding it in your hand by alt-clicking it or clickdragging it onto yourself.

Who developed sarin gas?

In late 1938, the German scientist Gerhard Schrader was tasked with inventing a cheaper pesticide to kill the weevils that were damaging German fields and orchards. By mixing phosphorus with cyanide, he came up with a substance that was way too toxic to use for agriculture purposes.

Where can I get welding fuel ss13?

They spawn in emergency closets and occasionally in the boxes of backpacks of new arrivals. This small tank has been designed specifically for holding flammable compounds. Consequently, they contain welding fuel by default.

How do you deconstruct a wall in ss13?

Breaking down a reinforced wall. Cut the outer rods with a pair of wirecutters. Remove the support lines with a screwdriver. Slice the metal cover with a welder. Pry the cover off with a crowbar. Cut the support rods with a wrench. Remove the support rods with a welder. Pry the outer sheath off with a crowbar.

Do you need a byond account to play ss13?

Play Now – Space Station 13. If you would like to play the game, the only thing you need to install is BYOND. It’s Free!.

How do you use the radio in ss13?

There are also Station Bounced Radios which you need to hold into your hand. You speak into your headset by adding a semicolon after the say command, like this: say “;Can anyone hear me? You can also make it broadcast everything you say, by taking it into your hand and enabling the speaker.

How do I change hotkeys in Space Station 13?

Hotkey-mode can be toggled on by pressing the Tab-key. W, A, S, D = Move your character. Q = Drop. E = Equip. R = Throw. T = Say (opens a new input window) F = Cycle intents left. G = Cycle intents right. Z = Activate held object.

Does Steam have Space Station 13?

Unitystation on Steam. Based on cult classic Space Station 13, Unitystation is a multiplayer RPG about life in deep space. Be an engineer, lawyer, surgeon or clown and keep the station safe from saboteurs. Each round is filled with paranoia and lighthearted fun, even as you get thrown out the airlock.

What is VG station?

Viramgam Jn Railway station is situated in Viramgam, Gujarat. Station code of Viramgam Jn is VG.

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